Equity calculator

Determine the current value of your equity and the potential future value at the time of an exit. We also offer free compensation reviews.

Learn how our equity calculator works

How our equity calculator works

To calculate the value of your equity, we use simplified math and assumptions, and we don't take into account dilution, taxes, or any liquidation preferences. Our calculator only works for ISOs and NSOs, and not for RSUs.
Gather offer details

Get your strike price, vesting period, and the current preferred price (set by the latest VC valuation). Often you'll have to ask the recruiter for the preferred price, but other details will be in your offer.

Determine a potential exit value

To get an estimated value of what your shares will be worth in the future, it's helpful to look at comparable companies. Look at the market value of a similar company that is public or that was recently acquired.

Compare & negotiate

To benchmark your equity and compare across companies, we recommend using current value, based on the preferred price from the last fundraising round (instead of % ownership). Our calculator does this for you.

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Equity benchmarks

Remember, all companies handle compensation differently, and your equity might be worthless. Make sure your salary covers your living expenses before negotiating equity. Below are some benchmarks so you can have a starting place to negotiate, they will vary based on role.

For Series A startups, the total value of your option grant should be:

Junior employees


of salary
Mid-level employees


of salary
Senior employees


of salary