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Recommendations from teammates

"Mark is hands down one of the most versatile and motivated employees I've had a chance to work with. He is highly skilled at anything he sets his sights on and tends to pick up new tasks or unfamiliar projects extremely quickly. As part of a lean marketing team, Mark has worn several hats within go-to-market. He has weighed in to help solve problems across demand generation, product marketing, and sales with expert precision, structure, and hard work. Overall, I think Mark is a phenomenal addition to any team he's part of and is a net positive to any project. I recommend him to anyone and will happily endorse him for any role. He's a rare talent and someone who I fully expect to see rise quickly in his career."

Joshua Soto

VP of Marketing at Lightstep

"We don't always hire summer interns, but we went out of our way and made a special exception to bring Mark onto the team after his stellar internship. He brings such a unique combination of incredible intelligence, diligent work ethic, and positive attitude to work everyday that it was a no-brainer to offer him a position in our Marketing department. His talent and passion for marketing shine both in the office and outside in his after-hours activities, often organizing community meetups or going back to speak to college groups. Mark has been able to thrive in both structured and unstructured environments, never afraid of facing a new challenge and using his strong work-ethic to carry him through any project.

Most impressively, Mark has stepped into positions I've rarely even seen far more senior marketers succeed at, leading entire Enterprise Account teams through our ABM programs and managing expectations of some of our most senior sales leaders. It's cliché but he is a true marketing rockstar and I have no doubt he will achieve great things throughout his career, I can not recommend him highly enough."

Tommy Lloyd Davies

Former Sr Director of Marketing at New Relic

"Throughout his time at New Relic, Mark has displayed remarkable drive in every project he has been given, continuously looking to learn, iterate, and improve. I’ve had the opportunity to manage Mark when he was an intern on New Relic Marketing Team as the first person I ever got to manage. It’s been incredibly impressive to watch his growth from his internship to being hired full-time as an ABM Marketer - where he is currently strategizing and collaborating cross-functionally across the company. His articulation and attention to detail are always showcased in his work, including presentation decks—they are some of the best I’ve seen! I look forward to seeing where Mark can go as this is only the beginning for him. There’s no doubt - I would hire him on my team in the future!"

Shay Loanzon

Former Campaigns Manager at New Relic

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