Compensation is complicated. We can help.

We're currently taking a break from providing compensation reviews for employees at VC-backed companies to focus on other projects. But, you'll find many resources on this page.

Thank you so much! I so admire the effort you're leading and the company you're building. I've sent your medium post to many people and read it many times myself.
Director of Growth Marketing
Wow! Thank you so much. This is incredibly helpful. It feels really good to know where I stack up and what to ask for next.
VP at Series A Company
Got double the equity, signed the offer, and am excited to work with this team. Thank you, thank you for guiding me through this process.
Manager at Series B Company

We'll make sure your comp is fair

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We believe that compensation needs an overhaul. We write about how you can get paid fairly and pay people fairly.
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We're making comp fair, one review at a time

Deva Hazarika and Emily Kramer launched Help Wanted Project spring of 2020 during COVID-19 to help people navigate the job search process for free. We later launched free compensation reviews to help people understand offers and make the right choice for their career. In August 2021 we took a hiatus and now just share resources—we'll be back when we gives talks and event to help participants.

Compensation is broken. It's confusing. It's often unfair. We want to do our part to fix this.