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Success stories from candidates & hiring managers

"Help Wanted was essential to my job search after being laid off due to COVID-19. I was able to find the motivation to improve my LinkedIn profile and prep for interviews  because Emily and Deva's guidance."
Emily Liu
Help Wanted Candidate - Hired!
"You helped me figure out how to talk about myself and my experience in a way that not only made me more confident in myself but also made it clear to potential employers what I was skilled at and what I was looking for. That alone changed my job search strategy and made me more effective in phone screens."
Amanda Ayala
Help Wanted Candidate - Hired!
"It was a pleasure having access to such compassionate individuals during a time where empathy and solidarity is much needed. Having a mentor to be able to ask questions was a great support system."
Adrianna Gonzalez
Help Wanted Candidate - Hired!
"Emily made an intro to a candidate that was a great fit to be our first marketing hire. I also really appreciated Emily's mentorship around tackling the role of the first marketing hire. I think that will be really valuable to all of us.”
Prabhas Pokharel
Co-Founder & CEO
“I accepted the job—they were actually able to match my salary requirements after some back and forth. I wanted to thank you for pushing me to negotiate. You helped me understand my worth/market value and push for more money and a more senior title. Thank you!!”
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Help Wanted Candidate - Hired!
"Emily helped me understand and highlight my most marketable skills, which greatly improved my LinkedIn profile and prepared me for interviews. After updating my LinkedIn with the summaries and skills from my Help Wanted profile, I saw an increase in companies reaching out to me about open positions."
Jess Heilman
Help Wanted Candidate - Hired!
"From day one, Emily became a trusted advisor and advocate. She especially helped me with dialing in my story: what I am passionate about and what sets me apart from other candidates. This resulted in a much more focused job search, LinkedIn profile and confidence that I am communicating my skills and experience effectively."
Nicole Jones
Help Wanted Candidate
"She's fantastic! We're making her an offer. Thank you SO much for helping us find such awesome talent!"
Jessica Stolbach
Marketing Operations Director
"Help Wanted was huge in helping me polish my resume, prep for the interview process, and broaden my connections and network. In an incredibly competitive job market, I was able to quickly land a new role and I wouldn't have been able to do that without Help Wanted. I would highly recommend this to everyone who searching for new opportunities."
Liz Huang
Help Wanted Candidate - Hired!

Hiring? Let us know.

If you are looking for candidates, especially marketers, let us know. We've personally worked with many candidates and would be happy to make an introduction (for free, no finder's fee).

Meet the team

Emily Kramer and Deva Hazarika have deep experience growing startups and connecting people to startup jobs. Collectively, we’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates. We're currently in the early-stages of starting a company, but we started this initiative during COVID to help people navigate the job search process.

Emily has built marketing teams from the ground up at Carta, Asana, Astro (acquired by Slack), and Ticketfly. Emily enjoys developing brands, testing and scaling growth initiatives, and hiring and managing teams. She's also passionate about helping women and underrepresented people in tech become leaders—she volunteers with All Raise and launched the
Table Stakes initiative at Carta to help close the gender equity gap.

Deva has founded, built, and advised multiple tech startups. In 2014, he founded Opstarts and raised seed funding and launched operational planning SaaS solution. He was a Board Member at UrbanMapping and TransactTools through their acquisitions, and founded ClearContext and Moai Technologies.